" I'm a modern princess, but believe in good old-fashioned values "

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Royals & UN

Serving the World
Royals have always undertaken duties for their own country and people, but also often look further afield. Many offer their services to the United Nations, which warmly welcome Their Royal Highnesses… And the press attention they bring along. UNICEF, the UN organisation providing help for children, was one of the first to use celebrities to attract attention to their cause.


Open the gate!

Tour through the palaces

We wont sneak you through the palace gates, because you are expected! Royals open their homes to let you see how they really live. Is it that shiny, shimmering and a little middle aged, like in a fairytale? Read all about the places that the present royals call home.


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Issue No. 2

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